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Ragtime Piano Concert with Bob Milne

December 13, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Wright Opera House
472 Main St
Ouray, CO 81427
$15 adults/ $5 students
Sue Hillhouse


About Bob Milne:

Bob Milne has played for several notable people during his career, and he takes it in stride and just keeps on encircling our nation sharing this great American music and its historical background. 

Ragtime music got a resurgence propelled by the movie “The Sting”, and people have continued to find the catchy rhythms attractive.  (Someone actually commented to Bob that they thought Robert Redford wrote the music.)

Bob’s genuineness as a personable historian and performer has a way of attracting those in the academic world as well as public figures. 

He has played for a number of University Presidents in the US and Canada, as well as Music Department personnel who enjoy his anecdotal illustrations leading up to (and sometimes during) tunes.  Listeners leave his concerts pleased that they have also learned something.

Bob has even shown this rhythmic American product to tribal leaders in Africa.

And someplace in his files, he has a note of acknowledgement for a good performance from David Rockefeller.

Embassy / Dept of State

Sometimes Bob is called in to represent our nation with this uniquely American music by performing overseas for embassies as an actual “Musical Ambassador”.  The State Department has used him for several consular functions in Japan, Okinawa, and Switzerland.  Bob has also played for the Swiss Parliament and Swiss National Council member Luzi Stamm, who himself is a pianist.  This global service to our nation also has had an effect on Bob’s regard for America.

Bob is a strong American patriot, and found himself performing on the USS George Washington for Capt. Lindell Rutherford before thousands of military personnel.

Library of Congress

At the lengthy interview sessions by the Library of Congress, to document for perpetuation both Bob’s expertise and performance of this original American art form (Ragtime), he was hosted by Dr. James Billington, Librarian of Congress, who declared him “A National Treasure”.

Also in Washington, D.C. over the years Bob has played for functions attended by numerous statesmen, senators, and congressmen, with command performances for Joint Chiefs of Staff.

America Program

At a venue immediately following the tragedy of 9-11, Bob felt it was inappropriate to perform his normal concert selecions, and in inpromptu fashion, put together a string of familiar Americana songs traversing sequentially from the Revolutionary period, through the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and right up to that tragic week.  Then Bob created a stirring unmistakable dissonant representation of the Twin Towers crashing down, climaxed with beautiful selections strongly suggesting the strength, future hope, and pride in our great nation, bringing tears and a standing ovation from the audience (and each subsequent audience he has played this for).   

Word about this America Program got to President Bush, Sr., and Bob has played it for Mr. Bush and his circle of friends several time since then.

Journeyman Pianist

Consistent with Bob’s mission, he constantly trudges forward, motivated by the prospect of suprises that seem to materialize as he does what he does best, advancing knowledge and entertainment about this historic American music, Ragtime.

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