Stone Circle

Ouray County Performing Arts Guild presents Stone Circle
Ouray County Performing Arts Guild presents Stone Circle

Combining traditional tunes of the UK and Brittany with jazz, classical and Celtic. 5 musicians. 4 CDs. Bronwen, studied music therapy and violin performance and played with Irish musicians when “Lord of the Dance” came through town. Bronwen has played professionally on tour locally and nationally. Nina Cooley graduated from Evergreen State College with degrees in Music and Music Theater. She currently teaches piano, flute, and voice lessons and speaks fluent Greek, Spanish, and Japanese. She has appeared in Hello Dolly, Barnum, and West Side Story and is an experienced choreographer in ballet, tap, and jazz. Tiffany Draper has commenced piano at age 8. In 2005 she started taking bodhrán lessons. In 2007 Tiffany mastered the Irish flute. She is also a member of the Irish traditional band, Rusted Reel. Mary Johnston-Coursey has been singing since she could speak. In the early 1980s, she traveled to Ireland and performed there as part of the local folk circuit. She became a professional dancer and choreographer and has collaborated with poets, storytellers, and performance artists. George Schoemaker began playing the ukulele at age four and taught himself guitar when he was six. He received lessons in classical and rock guitar and played in local Irish sessions for thirteen years. He is the driving force behind the longevity and success of Stonecircle and has performed in Dublin, Ireland.

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